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Being a teacher in this modern generation

Being A Teacher In This Modern Generation

According to generic conventions, the teacher should be a person who upholds love, humanity, kindness and life wisdom. It still holds true, but is that enough?Who is a good teacher in this modern generation? — According to me, he** knows how to engage students in studying process, gives inspiration and positive vibes.

Great teachers are respectful and friendly, they should be able to relate to students of any age, must be able to converse emotions the same way as they converse subject.

Old fashioned teachers no longer exist in any students expectations, as much as itʼs no longer required in modern generation upbringing. A Modern teacher must be good with technology, should be able to be a role model, must be quite up to date, must be quite advanced when it comes to the need for the future. A traditional good with subject knowledge, shouting — must do whatever I say — kind of teacher is no longer a teacher.

A modern teacher must be the one who genuinely loves children, should be able to understand the heart and vibe of the new generation, must be able to inspire and spark the childrenʼs talents and dreams. A teacher can be a true solid best friend, as long as he can positively spark the fire in the young souls, as long as he grows more dreamers, as long as he can ignite passions, love, culture, character, compassion, morals and values. Subject Education only comes next to it.

Are you a good teacher? If you want the answer, just see if your children trust you more than anyone else when it comes to their school life needs. Just see if children look up to you. Just see if you are able to bring results on par with the studentsʼ true abilities. Just see if you are able to bring up minds that are compassionate, confident and socially able. — If you find positive answers to above said questions, then be assured you are a good teacher. Thatʼs where a teacher truly shines.

Children are genuine gifts, so are the teachers who they value — their true whole life inspiration.

Note : **All gender references used in this article, may be read with either gender in mind.

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